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Discipline out now on Bandcamp!

Our mission is to give you the tools, and services you need to make your dream a reality. Potentially a life full of personal freedom, IF you play your cards right.

We the artists know that this world runs on more than the push and pull of bigger business, the politics, and the money. Many of us want simply one thing, and this is freedom. Music can be this vessel for us. Take the controller for your life back, and make your bag, so that finally, FINALLY people may leave you alone, you may live comfortably, You can focus on LOVE, and living your life peacefully.

We desperately want to help as many musicians make this dream a reality for themselves as possible. We live in hard times where we are noticing more and more on a daily basis, that the normal routine does not work. We wish to fuel the revolutionary. We want change too. We want to lift the underdog up into a full life where they too can make their biggest contributions to the world of entertainment. We know there's more to you than meets the eye, just like you absolutely do.

Let's grow together, bring big changes. Let's manifest your future. We need you at your biggest, not your smallest. You have something to share with others, and it's important.

We hope you enjoy the music as it comes along. Keep an eye open for new DJ mixes. If you want a client portfolio just drop us an email. Thank you!


Making music?

Do you have a creative block to dismantle, an album to finish, or maybe you don't even know where to start? At Texhnolyze studios, we are committed to finishing bucket lists, shattering expectations, and teaching those who may not feel they have what it takes to bring their creative ambitions to fruition, be them new, somewhat seasoned, or an old dog.

As a musician, engineer, and producer, Ovi is capable of touching on many different sounds. Though specialized in electronic music production, she's not afraid to step outside of her box to try something new.

As a Teacher Ovi has a special approach to her lessons. We will work with your perfect learning style. One size does not fit all in academics, and not all of us are in the same place of learning as others. If you are not aware of your best approach to learning, or if most teaching simply does not seem to work for you, we are more than happy to help you find the approach you need.

(bookings start at 50$ for the first hour, and 30$ for every hour after.)


Having an event?

With a career dating back to 2007, our resident producer and DJ, Ovi, has the experience and background to make your party a truly magical one. Raves, parties, dances, we've been there. Having played parties all over the North-east US, Ovi is a seasoned professional with heavy stage experience, on stage, and behind the scenes.

We want your party to really glow, to sound incredible, and for your friends, peers, or crowd to feel that they truly got everything they wanted out of a live performance. We want spines to tingle, faces to melt, and smiles to be had. Book us today while bookings are still available!

(bookings start at 50$ an hour.)

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