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Our Services

Need a Producer?

Whether you're ready to create an album, a single, or even if you just a beat for an online release, we have you covered.

From start to finish, we'll be there every step of the way through your process, in whichever position you may need us. Mixing, instrumentation, recording, we got it all covered.

If you need an extra hand understanding the finer details of the music industry, and working with other musicians, we are also here to help. You can create your dream track today, you need not wait any longer.

Book your consultation today!

Need a DJ?

Skyler "Ovi" Ulery will work with you to bring your events attendees a truly magical time, be it as a background, or main-stage DJ. You and your crowds needs come first, whether they only need light music, or if they have specifically come to attend a full party with a main-stage, we will cater our sound to your crowds needs.

Autumn bookings are currently available as of August 14th, 2023

Need a Teacher?

Are you struggling against a block, are you ready to learn some new software and hardware skills? Or perhaps would you like to learn an instrument, how to DJ? We have the know how to get you where you need, to help you find your learning style if needed, and to bust through those barriers that may be interfering with your work.

Our teacher will guide you through anything the music world may throw at you. We have the know how to teach you how to use Ableton Live, to mix music, to DJ, or to teach you guitar, or to use hardware synthesizers.

Autumn bookings are currently still available as of August 14th, 2023. Book today to get on the schedule before appointments are filled!



Production/Sound Design/Engineering

$50 For the first Hour, $30 for every hour after.

The most hands on option. Depending on your needs or level of expertise, coaching is available through this process, if desired. Mixing is not included in this price.

Turn around time varies depending on complexity of work.


$110 Per song,

Includes as many revisions as you'd like. Does not include mastering prices.

2-4 day turnaround time.


$200 a Beat

Full length beats for hip-hop and bass music tracks. Give us examples of what you're looking for.

Turn around time is roughly 1-2 weeks.

Parties and Raves

$120 fixed, flat-rate.

Bookings meant for events with a Rave, Club or Convention environment. This option is meant to entertain the party crowds, with a focus on creative technical mixing.

Book us 1-2 Months in advance


$200 for the event, $40 retainer fee. Extra $30 for rehearsal night.

Does not include PA and light rentals.

Includes consultation, personalized playlists, setup, and MC by request. Less creative focus, and more focus on requests if desired by the newly wedded.

Book us 1-2 Months in advance.

Business Functions and Other Events

$200, $50 retainer fee.

For events where the music is not the primary focus. May involve a focus on the professional approach to DJing, with either popular song choices, or a pre-planned playlist by the organization.

Book us 2-4 weeks in advance.

Music Production/Synths/Songwriting

$50 for the first hour, $30 for every hour after.

Learn to produce music in Ableton Live, or learn about Sound engineering and Design.

Includes lessons in Hardware synthesis if desired.


$40 dollars per 1 hour session.

Thusfar includes lessons in Guitar/Bass.

We'll cover all of the basics, and get into a solid jam if you're ready to rock.


$40 per 1 hour session.

Learn how to mix with Seratto on a hardware controller, or CD/Digital decks. Please have your own controller and laptop.

Price Breakdown


We make house calls!

Have a request for an artistic or musical service not listed?

Drop us a line anyway! We are always willing to expand our horizons further.

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